Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Finding the Strawberry in the Situation

I try to look on the bright side. I really do.

And why shouldn't I? Here I am on a luxurious ship, traveling to places I've only dreamed of. But sometimes, lugging around Herkimer (my portable oxygen concentrator) gets a little tiresome. My POC makes my mobility possible, but he's also awkward in tight places and in a crowd I live in fear that someone will trip over his rolling cart.

It helps that when we leave the ship for the uneven ground of a shore excursion, my DH wears Herkimer on his back. Of course, this means we're tethered together by my 7 ft. cannula, but fortunately, we enjoy each other's company. Occasionally, we get tangled up and have to do a few pirouettes, but then we soldier on.

So, there's the strawberry in the situation. I may be dependent on Herkimer for the extra O2 I need, but I'm so tremendously blessed to have a husband I can count on to help lighten my load.

I need him like I need my next breath. And because of him, even with this lung disease, I'm the luckiest woman alive.

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