Sunday, March 20, 2016

A Tiny House Moment

In 13 days, the DH and I will embark on the voyage of our lives!

Yep, we'll board the Holland America Westerdam in San Diego, bound for Hawaii, Tahiti and a host of other stunning islands before turning back to the US. The Westerdam is a medium sized ship, hosting under 2000 passengers with a crew of about half that number. It's not quite the floating sideways sky scraper some of the really big ships are. For example, Royal Caribbean's Allure of the Seas can accommodate over 6300 passengers (and probably 3000 crew.)

There's no rock climbing wall on the Westerdam. No water slide. No miniature golf. No ice rink. (No joke. Just in case bobbing around in the ocean doesn't make you unsteady enough, some lines let you strap blades to the bottom of your feet!)

We lovingly refer to Holland America as the "old fart" line. Mostly because we'll be among the younger cruisers aboard. But we've traveled with Holland for a number of shorter vacations and really enjoy the laid-back atmosphere. It's quiet. The music is more my speed. We'll be more likely to hear a string quartet in a lounge than rap.

But as I was doing some packing the other day, the DH and I were both in our small laundry room running into each other while we sorted things out in the cramped space. And it occurred to me that not only will we be cruising to exotic locales for 30 days, we'll also be sharing a 212 square foot cabin.

For 30 days.

I've often marveled at the folks on HGTV who chuck their sprawling houses for teeny tiny living spaces. I wonder how they manage to store their clothes and stuff and keep from tripping over each other.

I suspect I'll find out.

Of course, on the ship we'll have a steward to help us keep things tidy. And there's no space wasted on a kitchen in the cabin. All in all, I doubt I'll feel too claustrophobic since we have the whole ship as our backyard.

And that's sort of the point of a tiny house, isn't it? The folks who live in them want to spend more time out of the house having adventures. Well, that's the plan...

I'll keep you posted and share some pictures from our trip all the along the way!  

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